Crazy weather

I'm feeling a little better today but still a little dizzy. Lucky me that we were free from school today! So I have been studying for my tests, took a long walk and then I laid in the sun. It was soo warm! So I read my book for an hour and then took a shower. Then I just chilled in front of the computer until Gay and Mike came home. And suddenly I noticed that I was soo cold. The weather had just switched from summer warmth to autumn cold? And it started raining.. Crazy! So two hours ago I was tanning and now I'm sitting here, full dressed with a scarf and my cute socks which I got from mommy :)
In a couple of minutes we're going to Mark and Pattys for dinner. It's apparently a big game tonight.. as every night haha! Americans and their football (and baseball and basketball and all sports...). But I like that they are so interested in sports :)
Well o well, wasn't the most exciting day. Hope that everything is great in Sweden! Miss you!

Postat av: Mormor

nu har jag läst din dagbok.

2010-10-13 @ 10:42:31

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