Homecoming dance!

Okey, just gonna leave a short message.. The dance was okay, we had a great time, before during and after the dance so it was a successfull dance! But I'm too tired to write about everything now so I'm goina to give you some pictures instead and write a loooong "inlägg" tomorrow :)
Btw, tomorrow am I and Gay going to drive to Dubois so that I can practice to drive and then eat lunch there and go back. And in the evening we're going to Mark and Pattys to celebrate Mark, and we're gonna eat fried chicken, my first!!
And I just have to say, I ate my first spoon of Ben and Jerrys 10 minutes ago :D haha! I said that that was the first thing I was going to do when I got here.. But today I bought the first one! YUMMIEE!!
well o well.... Now some pictures and then Goooood night!!The American way ;))


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