Okej nu ska jag försöka sammanfatta de senaste dagarna kort för det har hänt så mycket :p
I was supposed to eat lunch with Hallie and a girl named Ricci but it ended up with me Romina Ricci and her friend Whitney going to tacobell, btw, good food there.
And after school I went to help to work on the senior float for the parade. It was fun and I met some girls that I've never talked to before and Whitney were there too so I got to know a lot of people that day. And after working on the float I went to Whitney's  to hang out before we went to "the burning of the R", It's a peprally for homecoming and then they burn a R (Riverton). It was way fun, they had some performances by the cheerleaders and the band and then we played some games between all the classes (seniors, juniors...) And the seniors won everything!! And after that they burned the R. It was funfun :) And after that I got invited to Whitney's to do t-shirts for the homecoming footballgame! So we went to Wal-mart to buy t-shirts and then we decorated them, and they fed me with my first toaster strudel. It's like a pop-tart, tasted like a donut with jam and vanilla cream in it. It was good, but not as good as they told me it would be haha ;) But I had a great time! It was me Whitney and Jessica.

Me and Whitney finished our tshirts in school during my first class  and then we only had like 3 more classes that day because the parade started at 2.
I PLAYED BASKETBALLLLLL!!!!! for the first time since january on weight training. We were able to do our own workout so I took a ball and just started to run. Dribbled around and did layups and shooting. I don't think anyone understand the happiness I felt. Det var underbart! I was soooo happy, I didn't even realized that I was tired after running around for almost 40 minutes, I was just so happy. God that felt good, I've missed it so bad..<3
Ate lunch with Hallie and some others at breadboard, it's like subway but much better. And then we went to the parade. It's like studenten in Sweden. We rode big trucks which were decorated in different ways. It was fun! And after that we got to ride a firetruck, because Whitneys brother is a fireman and the footballguys always ride a firetruck at the parade.
After the parade, me Whitney Romina and Andi went to Whitneys to chill before the big football game. And yeah... I found out that Andi and "the guy" likes each other.. And Ricci likes the guy Romina have been checking out haha! Whats the odds? So I ot to know like everything they say to each other an yada yada.. well well, I had a great time anyway, I've let that go anyway, it was just weird haha..
So then we went to the game. The club "FFA" in school had a BBQ by the game which I mike and Gay went to, it was good!! FFA is a farming club so there were really good meat. And after that was the game!! We lost big time but it was fun anyway.
After the game I went to Roberts and we sat by the fire, grilled smores and ate pizza.

The big day!! Dance day!! I went for a run in the morning. You can't believe how good it feels to be able to run. I do intervals running/walking but still, gosh it feels soooo goood! And I just have to tell you that I ran in shorts and sportsbra, It's still that warm :D haha!
And then I helped Gay with some arrends and at around 4.30 I went to Henrik's because his mother (heather) Was going to do my hair. So she did my hair and then she did my make-up too. I had bought false lashes and then the glue was missing (!) and we had to go to Roberts for dinner in about 15 minutes... So Heather drove me to Wal-mart to but glue and then she did my make-up and she's soooo good at it. She's the best! I love Henrik's family :)
Then we went to Roberts for dinner. We ate homemade pizza, and it was probably the best pizza I've ever had. I talked to Roberts mom the day before when we were grilling smores and everything and she started to talk about pizza recipes, she couldn't find the one she was looking for so I started to talk about what we had on ours in Sweden. So I told her that I use to have like whole wheat dough and then put on bananas and curry or pineapple and so on.. And she was so suprised haha nobody here have ever eaten a pizza with bananas on it.. But yeah so we arrived to Robert's , 30 minutes late because of me haha , and his mom had made wholewheat dough for med and bought bananas and curry ad everything! SOO nice of her!! And you shoukd see everything she had for the pizzas, like tomato sauce and pesto sauce - so good with pesto on pizza :O and then like chicken, sausage, pepperoni, pineapple, veggies, spinach, different kinds of cheese,..... Like everything you can imagine, it was soooooo gooooood!!!!
So we ate and then we took pictures and just chilled, because we didn't want to go to the dance at exactly 8. So we arrived around 9. It was fun. The DJ was kind of bad and a lot of people left after around 40 minutes haha but we had fun anyway. Romina I and Henrik danced all night haha :))
Hallie and he others left after like an hour... But we stayed till almost the end and then we went to Chris's house and they started a big fire and we just hanged for a while.. Then Henrik's dad picked us up and drove us home.

I woke up 12.30!! Havent slept that long in like forever!!! It was soooo nice. Me and Gay were supposed to drive to dubois today to practice my driving but yeah I woke up too late haha.. But we took a shorter trip and drover around for maybe 2,5 hours. Made some arrends and then drove on dirt rodes and highways.
When we got back home I took Chip for an hour walk, It was really nice weather!! like 28 degrees maybe. So nice!
I talked to Catherine for a while during the walk, it was fun! Too bad I'm only gonna be in Denver for a couple of hours next week :( I want to meet her!
Then we went to Mark and Pattys to celebrate Mark. We ate a really good dinner, fried chicken with mashed potatoes, corn, salad, fruitsalad, cherrypie and ice-cream. Yum Yum!

Det var en väldigt förkortad version, det har hänt så himla mycket på bara några dagar :p
Har lärt känna massa människor och har haft hur soligt som helst med Romina, Henrik och alla andra..
Måste bara säga att Henrik är typ världens gulligaste :p Haha det var lite kul med dansen. Vi var ju tvungna att göra det på det amerikanska viset så han öppnade bil dörren till mig, betalade inträdet och allt sånt :) Och sen typ under kvällen sa han till massa "Visst är hon fin ikväll? " typ.. Så gulligt :)
I alla fall, vi hade skitroligt, dansade hela kvällen och allt var super! Trots att dansen inte var den bästa så gjorde vi det roligt i alla fall :)  Ska lägga upp massa bilder på facebook nu så kolla där!!

Älskar er! Puss och kram från er Mathilda

Postat av: Mamma

Jättesöt tjej på bilderna!!! Håret blev otroligt fint men hur länge höll lockarna? Nu börjar Du att likna mig - äta Dig igenom dagarna. Helt ok! bara njut av allt gott - det vattnas i munnen på oss här hemma.

2010-10-04 @ 07:32:24
Postat av: Namn? Nja, du kan nog lista ut det sjalv!

..."jag ar sa kar"... ;)

2010-10-05 @ 02:31:08
Postat av: Mathilda

Tack mamma! Ja lockarna höll jätte bra, heather hade maaasssa hårspray haha :) Ja jo det finns ju en del god mat här haha... får ta ed mig recept hem eller nåt :)

hahahahaha alltså Izzie, jag kommer slå dig snart :D

2010-10-05 @ 05:40:07
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