Halla! I've started to write in english because sometimes it's just a little easier and I think that I should take every opportunity to practice the language while im here, and now im on a american computer so it's just easier haha :)
But okay what happened after my last post..
Hung out with romina and whitney saturday night, we really didnt do anything. There is not much to do here.. We went to the casino to try to get in, whitney is not 18 yet so she's not allowed to go there but we were going to try anyway haha but it didnt work, so we were just riding around the "BIG" town in her car and laughing, went to walmart and bought a card for martine and some drinks. Then we went to my house for an while and just chilled. Haha we had fun, but we really didnt do anything :p I was soooo tired tough, I felt drunk or something. After a week in school with all practices and then after a whole day at a track meet, gosh, I die.
Sunday is usually my sleep day. I just stay home aaalll day and rest. So yesterday I skyped with my cousin and my parents for hours :) and then just chilled,slept for 2,5 hours and at 7 romina came to my house to just put our presents for martine together and then we went to the church where she had her b-day party. There was some different kinds of cake and me romina and henrik just sat and talk, haha we always have so much fun together.. laughing about stupid things :) At like 9 I drove them home, seriously, I felt like I was hungover or something, I was deadly tired, so I went to bed at 9.30! When school is over, I'll probably have to rest for a while haha, it's going to be nice with summer vacation :) There's a countdown in school now, only 33 schooldays left.. crazy!

Today is Isabelles 18th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEDE!! and on thursday she's having her b-day party in lander, and her swedish mom is going to be there and all her friends, that will be fun :)
And tomorrow I have another meet.. in Worland. Nut no meet next weekend, that'll be nice, just saying haha. And the weekend after the coming weekend, I'm going to Denver for a wedding! I'm really excited for that :)
Talk to you soon!


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