soon it's weekend again!

Thursday.. gosh the weeks just flies by! It was still ridiculously windy today, all day, so practice was really hard today also. We ran some 600 meter intervals, SO hard,but I still got a better time for every lap so that's good, and then we went in to the weight room for cooldown and some core. Tomorrow's friday and that means easy practice - day before meet. And we also have a team dinner, BIG dinner haha, we are so many people in track, poor parents who are cooking!
This weekend I'm going to run 1 mile and 2 mile.. I'm gonna die haha, but don't have to be super serious about the 2 mile run because it's my first and it's the 1 mile that counts because I have to get better than last time.
So tomorrow is team dinner then I dont know what m gonna do after, saturday - meet and then hang out with romina and whitney and on sunday I'm invited to 2 birthday partys. One for a one year old, a girl in my school who's like 16 who has a baby :p and then Martines at night. Don't know if I'm going to the 1 year old one, might have to pick gay up from the airport but I'm going to Martines. So that's pretty much what I'm gonna do I guess :p
Today I was supposed to go to Rominas to watch Idol, they show it 2 nights in a row here, but I was eating dinner too late. Ate a good dinner as always and now I'm watching Idol by myself :) I'll probably watch a movie later or something hihi :) Love my nights here! All I have to focus on is my workouts, no schoolwork haha. Niiicee life :))
Have a good friday everybody!! AND it's the first of APRIL!! April april din dumma sill jag kan lura dig vart jag villl hihihihi :)

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