Track meet # 2

So now I've survived my second track meet, puh! I'm always soooo nervous in the beginning, we always have to wait like 3-4 hours for our first event so you got so much time to think. But I did pretty good today actually!! I pr-ed ( personal record) with 3 seconds on the 1 mile run, and I beat Martine, I was sprinting the last 100 meters. So that felt good :) And the 2 mile was long but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I passed almost one person a lap, I placed 8 but still, I'm satisfied with my results :) Next meet is on tuesday and we will probably have next weekend off. Nice :) 
Yesterday after team dinner, me and Romina went to watch Henriks soccer game and then we went to henriks house and ate pizza and brownies and stuff. Not the best the day before a meet but it didnt bother me so that was good :p Henrik went to a thing with his soccer team so me and Romina stayed and watched a movie with his family haha :) Love that family!
Now I'm waiting for dinner, then I'm gonna hang out with romina and whitney, don't know what we're gonna do. And tomorrow im gonna rest, skype with mami and papi pick up gay from the airport and go to Martines b-day thing.
Gnna post some pics from the meet later, Mike took some :) and we got new shirts too!


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