monday.. again

Yup, so now its monday again, a new week! But it feels kind of good, my schedule is good and everything so school is a little bit more fun now anyway, I'll might get tired of it after a while but now its good haha :)
So Mike was home today so I got to sleep in a little, because I have my free period first hour, and I usually goes with Gay every morning so I'm at school 7 every day.. So I'm going to use the free period for homework so I dont have to do it every night. But I will hopefully sometimes be able to get a ride with somebody else so I can sleep in haha!
So I went to school at 9 and had stained glass then weight training and swimming. It was actually fun with swimming, the only bad thing is that my hair is getting wet eeevery day and its cold outside and stuff like that but its fine. And this is my first class with romina :) But I realized that I had to get a new bikini, mine is too big haha so I bought a new pair of the bottom part and then I'm gonna wear like a sportsbra or something, I'm not going to wear a swimsuit, ever.. :) I actually found the pants on sale, billabong for like 13 bucks.. Kind of good :p
What more happened today... Had basketball practice, but the practices are not that hard.. I'm used to be running for 1,5 hours straight.. now I stand on the side for like an hour every practice .. Not that good, or probably good for my knee. But it's fun to be able to play a little!!!
Then I ate buffalo for dinner haha!! It was good, tasted like beef but it was cool to eat it anyway ;) Now I finished my homework that I missed last week so thats nice. And yeah, we got a new exchange student today from Australia. But I didnt meet her, didnt see her all day so I'll have to find her tomorrow! Fun fun :)
Tomorrow is the JV basketballgame against lander, our rivals, and on friday the varsity game so this week is "spirit week", different outfits every day, today was pyjama day , and tomorrow I dont know... But its kind of fun that they do that, even though I would never wear a pyjama in school haha :D SOO GO RIVERTON WOLVERINES this week!!! Lets win !!
Hope everybody are doing well!!
Love you!

Postat av: jj

herregud - kämigaste inlägget att ta sig igenom :o haha, men bra träning antar jag!! :) första dagen i skolan för oss idag (tisdag)...som vanligt. jättekul att se vissa iaf :)!!!

jag väntar med spänning efter en blid - med nya bikinin på! ;)


2011-01-11 @ 17:01:05
Postat av: jj



2011-01-11 @ 17:02:45
Postat av: Johanna

Den nya tjejen heter Carlie Symes hon bor med min gamla värdfamilj ;) Hoppas att du har det bra :)

2011-01-11 @ 17:50:05

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