Hey everybody!! Okay I'm gonna start writing in english again, or sometimes haha cause I've noticed that I speak and write too much in swedish.. And the reason why I'm here is apparantly to improve my english.. so I'm going to put more effort into that ;)
So yesterday was MORP! As I said before, its Prom backwards so you do things the opposite way. The girls asks the boys and you don't wear formal clothes, you wear tshirts and jeans. Me and Romina went together and we made our tshirts together. We wrote Morp 2011 and EF's statement : It's not right, its not wrong, its just different. But we wrote WE are not right, WE are not wrong, WE are just different ;) And then we each had an K and when we stand together it says KK. And thats a inside joke we have here haha... I'm not gonna explain what we mean with it but many ppl in the school knows about it so thats why we put it on our shirts.
The night was pretty fun actually! We were there for like 2 hours and just danced and had fun! And yeah, it's always a glow-in-the-dark theme so the colors on the shirts lights up and everybody gets glowsticks and it looks way cool! So we had funfun :) And then we just went back to rominas and stayed there. I was sooo tired after being in the gym for 3 days and watched basketball games. And then I woke up today with missed calls and texts and everything, I was supposed to skype with my whole family and I forgot about it :p So much things were going on on the same time! But it worked out well and I spoke with my grandparents, aunts, cousins, sister,brother, mom/dad.... everybody almost haha! It was reealllyy fun :) Miss them! And then I just drove home to meet my hostparents, they're finally home from Florida :) So it was fun, I got some things from there and we will probably eat fish the rest of the year haha they got like 60 punds or something like that..
Soon I'm going to my IEC, Dean and Stacey to eat dinner with them and their friends. They are so nice! I'm glad we got rid of the other IEC that I had from the beginning. So that will probably be fun :) Mike and Gay are gonna eat buffalo today !! Neve had that so I'm gonna have to try a little bit when I get back home later.
Well I'm out, talk to you later :)


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